My fascination for art surfaced as a child when I would spend long hours wandering through native artisan markets and local exhibits of Mexico, the country where I was born and raised by European parents. I reside in La Jolla California and work and teach from my home studio.


University of San Diego, CA, USA - French & Spanish Literature (BA) (1976-1980) 

Université de Paris, Sorbonne, France - Translation & Interpretation (MA) (1982-1984) 

University of San Diego, CA, USA - Teaching Foreign Languages (MA) (1983-1985)


“Annual Juried Show” - A Honorable Mention AGASD, San Diego, CA (2014)

 “Annual Juried Show” – 2nd place” AGASD San Diego, CA (2016)

“Botanical” - Las Lagunas Art Gallery, Laguna Beach, CA (2020)

 “Visual Arts Annual Show” (online) - UC San Diego, San Diego, CA (2021)

 “Exposición Colectiva - Feria del Arte ” - Mexico City, Mexico (2021)

“Second National Exhibition of Fiber Artwork” - Material II: D’Art Center, Chattanooga, Tennessee (2021)

“Stories From Nature” - Juried Textiles Exhibit, Hudgens Center for Art, Duluth, GA  (2021) 

 “Hands Across the World”  - Juried Exhibit  Contemporary Glass Art Society, UK, (2021)

“Winner - Glass prize” - International Contemporary Glass Competition Warm Glass, UK (2021)


“Silversmith Jewelry Making” - UCSD Craft Center, San Diego, CA  (1987-1990)        

“Book Arts: Sibyl Rubottom” - Athenaeum School of the Arts, La Jolla, CA (2007) 

“Jan Janas Silk Painting” - San Diego, CA (private studio) (2008-2010)

 “Julie Chen Book Arts Workshop” -  SDBA, San Diego, CA  (2010)

“Kiln-formed Glass” - UCSD Craft Center, San Diego, CA (2009)  

 “Silk Painting by Susan Moyer” - (private workshop), San Diego, CA (2010)   

“Book Arts and Paper with Sibyl Rubottom” - Athenaeum School of the Arts, La  Jolla, CA (2009-2011)  

“Pattern Bars with Jim Weiler” - Bullseye Glass, Santa Fe, NM  (2011)  

 “Harnessing the Flow with Kiln-Casting Erik Whitmore” - Bullseye Glass, Santa Fe, NM (2011)

“Taking a Leap” Glass Powder work with Catharine Newell - Bullseye Glass, Portland, OR (2012)

 “Pate de Verre" with Alicia Lomné - Bullseye Glass, Portland, OR (2012)

“Assemblage in Kiln-Casting with Kari Minnick” - Hot Glass, Houston, TX (2013)    

“Powder Printing with Stacey Lynn Smith” - BECON, Portland, OR (2013)  

 “Making Breath Visible with Judy Tuwaletstiwa and Ted Sawyer” -  BECON, Portland, OR (2013)    

 “Paradoxes in Glass and Kiln-Casting with Silvia Levenson and Erika Tada” - Pilchuck Glass School, Pilchuck, WA (2014) 

“Knitting In Glass -Casting with Carol Milne - The Glass Furnace, Istanbul, Turkey (2015)

“Paper and Glass Techniques with Saman Kalantari” - Pittsburgh Glass Center, Pittsburg, PA (2015)

“Shibori International Symposium for Textiles and Fiber Art with Analisa Hedstrom” -  Oaxaca, Mexico (2016)  

“Advanced Lost Wax Casting with Linda Ethier” -  Susan Hirsh Studio, San Diego, CA (2017)

“Advanced Lost Wax Casting with Evelyn Dunsten” - Corning Museum of Glass Corning, NY (2018)

“Kiln-forming Glass with Kirstie Rea” - Silvia Levenson Studio, Lesa, Italy (2019)

“Imágenes Sobre Vidrio with Andrea Da Ponte” -  (online via Zoom), Argentina (2020)

“Photo Imaging on Glass with Silvia Levenson” - (online via Zoom), USA, (2020)

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